artHOUSE PARAINEN – dir. Rolf Lindblom

Original Film Title: artHOUSE PARAINEN

Directors Name: Rolf Lindblom

Writers Name: Rolf Lindblom

Producer: Rolf Lindblom, Ted Wallin

Country of Origin: Finland

Country of Filming: Finland

Language: French

Runtime: 7 min 5 sec

Film Description: 

When strange anomalies are tracked to a small town on the coast of Southwest Finland, special investigations agent Helen Iduag is dispatched to look into the matter on behalf of her employer. Her objective? To make sure their tech hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands and ensure overall civilian safety. Helen discovers that the source of the abberation is currently in the hands of a local developer. Who’s chosen the site as ground zero for a posh new housing project. At first glance it seems that this mission will wind up being yet another; false alarm. But just as Helen prepares to wrap up her investigation, she makes a shocking discovery.

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