The Plan – dir. Mario Brem

English Film Title: Le plan

Original Film Title: The Plan 

Directors Name: Mario Brem

Writers Name: Mario Brem, Franck Petit

Producer: Mario Brem

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French 

Runtime: 13 min 37 sec

Film Description: 

Driven by naive curiosity, F is wandering through a world, that seems torn apart between concrete and nature. With the structured view of a researcher and the anarchic gesture of the improvising artist at the same time, he’s approaching to the traces and fragments of human civilization. Always on his side is the pink zombie-like female puppet R, that F tries to comfort and care for. A silent witness to his lonely search. Their relation becomes a disturbing portrait, a poetic voyage to praise the revealing beauty of the absurd moment.

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