Mrs D. – dir. Pani Profesorowa

English Film Title: Mrs D.

Original Film Title: Pani Profesorowa

Directors Name: Jola Kudela

Writers Name: Aga Lesiewicz

Producer: Jola Kudela

Country of Origin: Poland

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: Polish

Runtime: 8 min 22 sec

Film Description: 

Mrs D. is a short étude on the themes of love, passing of time, regret, and the loss of identity that comes with age. It is based on one of the pivotal monologues from Virginia Woolf’s novel. The short, with an original score by a Canadian cellist Julia Kent, was written, filmed and produced in lockdown, at the height of Covid pandemic in the spring of 2020.

Starring Maria Ciesielska, the doyenne of the Polish theatre and cinema, written by Aga Lesiewicz, and directed, animated and produced by Jola Kudela.

Haiku – dir. Martin Gerigk

Original Film Title: Haiku 

Directors Name: Martin Gerigk

Writers Name: Martin Gerigk

Producer: Martin Gerigk

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 17 min 17 sec

Film Description: 

“Haiku | 俳句” is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry.

Making Men – dir. Antoine Panier

Original Film Title: Making Men

Directors Name: Antoine Panier

Writers Name: Antoine Panier, Harold George

Producer: Dunia Dance Theatre

Country of Origin: Belgium

Country of Filming: Zimbabwe

Language: English

Runtime: 10 min

Film Description: 

Making Men examines the question of masculinity. This dance film zooms in on 4 individuals in the process of becoming men. As is expected, they proceed unquestioningly into manhood through various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics allowed by society.

However, a feeling of unease, in the very depths of their being, oppresses them. They feel uncertainty but also something else, harder to define…

Shot in the breathtaking landscape of Zimbabwe, the film features strong and rhythmical choreography but also a special camera work that intensifies emotions inspired by the movement.

The Plan – dir. Mario Brem

English Film Title: Le plan

Original Film Title: The Plan 

Directors Name: Mario Brem

Writers Name: Mario Brem, Franck Petit

Producer: Mario Brem

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French 

Runtime: 13 min 37 sec

Film Description: 

Driven by naive curiosity, F is wandering through a world, that seems torn apart between concrete and nature. With the structured view of a researcher and the anarchic gesture of the improvising artist at the same time, he’s approaching to the traces and fragments of human civilization. Always on his side is the pink zombie-like female puppet R, that F tries to comfort and care for. A silent witness to his lonely search. Their relation becomes a disturbing portrait, a poetic voyage to praise the revealing beauty of the absurd moment.

On My Mind – dir. Petra Richterova, Jennifer Galvin

Original Film Title: On My Mind

Directors Name: Petra Richterova, Jennifer Galvin

Writers Name: Petra Richterova, Jennifer Galvin

Producer: Petra Richterova, Jennifer Galvin

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 7 min 8 sec

Film Description: 

With the questions of life on his mind, a saxophonist reunites on Bronx streets with his musician friends seeking solidarity while an ethereal being dances among them, taunting notions of love and summoning ancient wisdom. ON MY MIND is an abstract, Afro-cosmic film, aesthetically and symbolically grounded in African culture and New York history. Based on vanguard saxophonist and Blue Note recording artist Marcus Strickland’s latest track “On My Mind remix,” urbanscapes and spiritual objects bring artists into a rare, contemporary dialogue, reflecting the song’s timeless contemplation and resounding with mystical reverberation. Featuring Marcus Strickland, Bilal, Pharoahe Monch, Greg Tate, Ben Williams, EJ Strickland and Storyboard P.

SACRUM – dir. Rolf Lindblom

Original Film Title: SACRUM

Directors Name: Rolf Lindblom

Writers Name: Rolf Lindblom

Producer: Rolf Lindblom

Country of Origin: Finland

Country of Filming: Finland

Language: No

Runtime: 5 min 25 sec

Film Description: 

In the early days of fighting the aliens, there where no means to escape the effective field of the black hole bullets. Volunteer soldiers with nothing to loose and help from alien artifacts and guide dogs accomplished these off world missions…

Things I Have Seen in My Dreams – dir. Joao Pedro Oliveira

Original Film Title: Things I Have Seen in My Dreams

Directors Name: Joao Pedro Oliveira

Writers Name: Joao Pedro Oliveira

Producer: Joao Pedro Oliveira

Country of Origin: Portugal

Country of Filming: Portugal

Language: no

Runtime: 10 min 30 sec

Film Description: 

We dream… sometimes we have nightmares, or dreams that makes us sad, anguished, or simply indifferent. But occasionally, there are dreams that project in our mind images and sounds of great beauty. This piece is a recollection and variations on some of these images and sounds I remember from my dreams. It is dedicated to Mario Mary.