The Last Tribes – dir. Ebru Cakirkaya

Original Film Title: The Last Tribes

Directors Name: Ebru Cakirkaya

Writers Name: Ebru Cakirkaya

Producer: Ebru Cakirkaya, Guven Aksu

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Namibia

Language: Turkish 

Runtime: 52 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

Humans have hunted and gathered for thousands of years just to survive. They lived as part of the nature, without destroying anything. Today, only a few regions are left on earth where this life cycle continues. One of those very special places is the Tsumkwe region in Namibia. ‘The Last Tribes’ depicts the life of the Ju’/Hoansi San People one of the extraordinary peoples of Namibia, communing with nature.

Koma is a San boy who is passing through adolescence that is considered to be the time to prove himself as a hunter. According to San traditions, the first hunt is a momentous occasion for a boy of the tribe. Koma must hunt his first antelope now to come of age and to be accepted as a grown-up. But will he be able to hunt his chase all by himself and bring it to the village? Who would be approved for the new spousal by the grandmothers Gunna and Kuse? Who will be the tribes’ new bride and groom? The documentary focuses on San tribes’ ingenous daily life with all their excitement, fears and happiness in their natural habitat.

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