Diagnosing Healthcare – dir. Paul Roberts

Original Film Title: Diagnosing Healthcare

Directors Name: Paul Roberts

Writers Name: Paul Roberts

Producer: Paul Roberts

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 1 h 29 min 19 sec

Film Description: 

Diagnosing Healthcare offers solutions for the COVID-19 crisis. The film is an exploration of health care with human rights at the center that offers innovative solutions for all humanity.

The Patagonia Triple Crown – dir. Nomade Media

Original Film Title: The Patagonia Triple Crown

Directors Name: Nomade Media 

Writers Name: Lorenzo Andrade Astorga

Producer: Lorenzo Andrade Astorga

Country of Origin: Chile

Country of Filming: Chile

Language: English

Runtime: 52 min 42 sec

Film Description: 

A group of kayakers find themselves in the difficult mission of running the three less explored and most dangerous rivers of the south of the world.

The Pascua River, Bravo and Baker. They will overcome the difficult tests that the patagonia will put on them, in addition they will learn about of the complicated environmental situation that Chile is suffering in its fight for fresh water.

Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood – dir. Oleg Blinov

Original Film Title: Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood 

Directors Name: Oleg Blinov

Writers Name: Oleg Blinov

Producer: Oleg Blinov, Terry Kaelber

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: India, United States

Language: English, Russian

Runtime: 1h 10 min 55 sec

Film Description: 

Part documentary, part adventure film, and part cultural reflection, Road to Hollywood Through Bollywood is a story about a Russian actor who decides to conquer the world of cinema after his graduation from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts – starting with Bolllywood and moving on to Hollywood. He flies to India and begins his quest via motorcycle, train and on foot. He has but one aim – to become a Bollywood movie star. With little money, but much drive, he casts his fate to the wind. Will he find his way to Bollywood? What will happen when he gets to Hollywood? Will he succeed with his dream or succumb to the difficulties of being a stranger in foreign lands? A revealing portrait of youthful adventure, dreams and contrasting cultures.

The Donbass children – dir. Lubomir Dankov

English Film Title: The Donbass children

Original Film Title: Дети Донбасса

Directors Name: Lubomir Dankov

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Country of Filming: Ukraine

Language: Russian

Runtime: 60 min

Film Description: 

This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called “ordinary people”. These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone’s desire to wage war on their territory at all costs.

There are no author’s comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine.

The purpose of the film is to arouse interest in the ongoing six-year armed conflict and to make people to start to think about the responsibility of each of us for peace in Europe.

The Last Tribes – dir. Ebru Cakirkaya

Original Film Title: The Last Tribes

Directors Name: Ebru Cakirkaya

Writers Name: Ebru Cakirkaya

Producer: Ebru Cakirkaya, Guven Aksu

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Namibia

Language: Turkish 

Runtime: 52 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

Humans have hunted and gathered for thousands of years just to survive. They lived as part of the nature, without destroying anything. Today, only a few regions are left on earth where this life cycle continues. One of those very special places is the Tsumkwe region in Namibia. ‘The Last Tribes’ depicts the life of the Ju’/Hoansi San People one of the extraordinary peoples of Namibia, communing with nature.

Koma is a San boy who is passing through adolescence that is considered to be the time to prove himself as a hunter. According to San traditions, the first hunt is a momentous occasion for a boy of the tribe. Koma must hunt his first antelope now to come of age and to be accepted as a grown-up. But will he be able to hunt his chase all by himself and bring it to the village? Who would be approved for the new spousal by the grandmothers Gunna and Kuse? Who will be the tribes’ new bride and groom? The documentary focuses on San tribes’ ingenous daily life with all their excitement, fears and happiness in their natural habitat.