POETRY: The Transcendence of Words – dir. Sofia Kalantzi

English Film Title: POETRY: The Transcendence of Words 

Original Film Title: ΠΟΙΗΣΗ: Η Υπέρβαση των Λέξεων

Directors Name: Sofia Kalantzi

Writers Name: Sofia Kalantzi

 Producer: Eleni Finou, Sofia Kalantzi

Country of Origin: Greece

Country of Filming: Greece

Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

Runtime: 36 min 38 sec

Film Description: 

A trip, an internal quest inside the world of poetry.

At the documentary we answer a deep question

What is the relationship between poetry and life and death?

Who are the real poets?

What is the purpose of poetry?

What is its relationship with the Soul?

Can poetry go beyond death?

What can be a Poetic Moment?

Artists, poets, teachers, seekers of truth, scholars and thinkers talk to us about that invisible world; which becomes visible at your eyes and in the Heart of the reader, the observer of the poet.

So poetry obtains another dimension or rather its true dimension is being revealed.

A dimension that cannot be restricted in any piece of paper, it becomes energy and transcends word and constructs an internal world of awakening.

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