The Other Side – Mountain climber – dir. Rajeev Thottippully

English Film Title: The Other Side – Mountain climber

Directors Name: Rajeev Thottippully

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Country of Filming: United Arab Emirates

Language: English

Runtime: 3 minutes 14 seconds

Film Description:

Martin a sales manager, lost one hand in a motor bike accident. However this doesn’t stops him going up. Always working on attaining physical and mental strength, Martin climbed up to the highest peaks.

The series of films depict the incredible journey of different lives among the expatriate community in the UAE, which comprises the larger chunk of it’s total population. The films portray different stories of people who manage to find time to follow their heart and pursue their passion. Depicting “the other side” of their lives, the film explores the minds of passionate people, and their lifestyle, on how they make the right use of their time and resources to do what they really love, amidst their busy work life.

Other – dir. Tiana Dueck

Original Film Title: Other

Directors Name: Tiana Dueck

Writers Name: 

Producer: Dawn Rothwell, Chris Dueck

Country of Origin:   Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Language: English

Runtime:  16 min 48 sec

Film Description:  Through visits with people who identify with gender on a spectrum, we will explore why gender needs to be understood as something bigger than just ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Displacement – dir. Jacek Jędrzejczak

Original Film Title: Displacement 

Directors Name: Jacek Jędrzejczak

Writers Name: Jacek Jędrzejczak

Producer: Jacek Jędrzejczak

Country of Origin: Poland

Country of Filming: Poland

Language: English, Polish

Runtime: 6 min 37 sec 

Film Description: 

This documentary is a recording of one of the autotherapy sessions conducted in Institute 116 in Warsaw. The topic is the displaced aggression , i.e. redirecting aggression from its initial and unavailable source towards a different , more accessible target. This intimate session was conducted and recorded by Jacek Jedrzejczak psychologist and artist. The participant was Irenka Kaczurowska.

Voiceless – dir. Maite Hundt

Original Film Title: Voiceless

Directors Name: Maite Hundt

Writers Name: Maite Hundt

Producer: Eric Cabutí, Maite Hundt

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: South Africa

Language: English, German

Runtime: 20 min 

Film Description: Life in Africa is very difficult, especially for people with disabilities. Utho Ngathi is trying to change the lives of these people. The director Maite Hundt reports from her perspective which lives Utho Ngathi could already change.

POETRY: The Transcendence of Words – dir. Sofia Kalantzi

English Film Title: POETRY: The Transcendence of Words 

Original Film Title: ΠΟΙΗΣΗ: Η Υπέρβαση των Λέξεων

Directors Name: Sofia Kalantzi

Writers Name: Sofia Kalantzi

 Producer: Eleni Finou, Sofia Kalantzi

Country of Origin: Greece

Country of Filming: Greece

Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

Runtime: 36 min 38 sec

Film Description: 

A trip, an internal quest inside the world of poetry.

At the documentary we answer a deep question

What is the relationship between poetry and life and death?

Who are the real poets?

What is the purpose of poetry?

What is its relationship with the Soul?

Can poetry go beyond death?

What can be a Poetic Moment?

Artists, poets, teachers, seekers of truth, scholars and thinkers talk to us about that invisible world; which becomes visible at your eyes and in the Heart of the reader, the observer of the poet.

So poetry obtains another dimension or rather its true dimension is being revealed.

A dimension that cannot be restricted in any piece of paper, it becomes energy and transcends word and constructs an internal world of awakening.