High-speed Train Man – dir. Weidong Zhang

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Original Film Title: 动车侠·未来高铁城

Director’s Name: Weidong Zhang

Writer’s Name: Jun Hua

Producer: Xingxin Li, Zhu Bing Lee

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 13 minutes

Film Description:

The story tells that Sunshine City, which developed rapidly more than 100 years later, established a space tunnel to the universe with world-leading high-speed rail technology. The storm formed by the “Plunder” of space wise particle suddenly freed the AI “starry sky” from the control of humans. Mech monsters swarm from the tunnel and attack the dungeon’s “Source of Earth” through Sunshine City. Facing the crisis, the humans of Sunshine City on the ground and the EMUs of the dungeon decide to cooperate against the common enemy “Starry Sky”, with the EMU Dafu as the captain, the team to save the earth came into being. In the constant conflicts, the EMUs finally found the boss behind the mecha monster “Plunder”. At the decisive moment, Dafu transplanted his self-emotions into the body of “Plunder”. The memories in the “Plunder” body were thus awakened and re-separated into billions of quantum individuals. EMUs and humans finally won the battle for survival.

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