Environmental Task Force – dir. Yong Jun Su

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Original Film Title: 环保特攻队·出发吧泗宝

Director’s Name: Yong Jun Su

Writer’s Name: Douglas Sloan, Chuanmei Qian

Producer: Xiaoxiang Zhang, Zhu Bing Lee

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 13 minutes

Film Description:

Thousands of years ago, in <Siju History> there left a prophecy that man and nature need to reach a balance, or else a world devastating disaster would occur. Before this catastrophe strikes, man must find three Keys to each of the Three Worlds to gain the opportunity to save the world. But as history has shown, the balance between man and nature is not easy to achieve. Because they don’t always mean it, but they tend to over-exploit and over-use their environment, disrupting the delicate ecological balance and sending the world down the path of destruction. 
Fortunately, the proud and brave Water Sprite leads their partners to form a powerful environmental task force. They will bravely face this crisis and do whatever it takes to save the wetland world and preserve it for future generations.

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