Soultribe – dir. Stefan Rainer

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Original Film Title: Soultribe

Director’s Name: Stefan Rainer

Writer’s Name: Stefan Rainer, Dunja Burghardt

Producer: Stefan Rainer, Maik Burghardt

Country of Origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: German

Runtime: 1 hour 53 minutes

Film Description:

“Soultribe” portrays the authentic story of getting to know each other and the common and at the same time individual heroic journey of three young families and creative visionaries who, as companions, inspire and support each other and thus bring them to their full potential. 
The film shows how it is possible to live a meaningful life and individual vocation by focusing on joy in doing and the power of enthusiasm and community. 
On the common path of the visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs Stefan and Jenny, Patrick and Johanna as well as Maik and Dunja, there are always major hurdles and setbacks that have to be overcome – such as the balancing act between family life, partnership, gender roles and professional projects as well as creative individual ones unfolding The inner conflict of the protagonists between social expectations and the pressure to earn money and the desire for a free-flowing life without borders is also addressed.

“Soultribe” is touched by real, authentic actors who openly present their own inner and outer development story with all their doubts, setbacks and at the same time the courage to take big steps and thus inspire the viewers to do the same.

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