The Taste of the Sea – dir. Xuezhou Miao

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Original Film Title: The Taste of the Sea

Director’s Name: Xuezhou Miao

Writer’s Name: Xuezhou Miao

Producer: Jianguo Shen

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 21 minutes 1 second

Film Description:

A-Shin, who had been convicted and imprisoned due to manslaughter, returned to the island from which he had departed for long. Family’s impoverished and pathetic living condition left him with mixed feelings and his father’s early death made him wistful still. To compensate for his debt to the family, A-Shin stayed by his mother’s side all day long, and at night refurbished the house with skills he had mastered in prison. 

One day, the creditor learned that he was recently released from prison and came to the door, provoking him to repay the loss of his son. Facing the old man’s irrational economic coercion, A-Shin could only appease him with forbearing words. However, the sarcastic remarks from A-Shin’s younger brother broke his heart and fragile feelings.

Late at night, A-Shin knocked on his mother’s room and apologized to her. Aware of her son’s intricate emotional fluctuation, she sighed that she finally realized, with all due persistence and silent waiting over the years, her dream of family reunion. But A-Shin’s heart was still shackled by the past. Recognizing what such silence really meant, she encouraged him not to be caught in his own trap, but instead to confront the future bravely and embrace a new adventure. Upon hearing such motivating words, a blend of emotions fermented within A-Shin’s heart.

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