Once upon a time in Shanghai – dir. Dike Lei

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Original Film Title: 《上海往事》

Director’s Name: Dike Lei

Writer’s Name: Hui Zhang

Producer: Dike Lei, Siyou Li

Country of Origin: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 25 minutes

Film Description:

The focus of this film is on two young men, A and B, who come to Shanghai to explore. Due to their insistence on originality and not following the trend, A is temporarily unable to gain the favor of their employers and is in a difficult life. Another B contracted a bad habit of gambling and signed a large sum of money, resulting in a difficult life.

By chance, while A was immersed in creating in a small hotel, he fell into a nightmare, while B happened to encounter a murder case in another adjacent room… 
Finally, after experiencing setbacks and suffering, the two finally emerged from confusion and welcomed hope in their lives!

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