Filthy Soul – dir. Sanjin Liu

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Original Film Title: 出息

Director’s Name: Sanjin Liu

Writer’s Name: Yuhui Li

Producer: Sanjin Liu

Country of Origin: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 16 minutes

Film Description:

Zhang Xiaoyun is the most proud child in the eyes of her father. She thought that relying on her own hands could change her fate, but was imprisoned due to the police’s crackdown on pornography. After being released from prison, she returned to her hometown and struggled to make a living. By chance, she met the “old teacher” Liu Shufang who took her into pornographic venues, and once again embarked on the old path of the pornographic industry. Unexpectedly, I ran into my father Zhang Congjun in the brothel where I worked. The father and daughter met awkwardly, and the secret of the three was finally exposed.

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