Faces of war – dir. Anton Zharov

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Original Film Title: Faces of war

Director’s Name: Anton Zharov

Writer’s Name: Anton Zharov

Producer: Ivan Mikhnevich

Country of Origin: Cyprus

Country of Filming: Ukraine

Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Runtime: 47 minutes 23 seconds

Film Description:

The main focus for this film is to fully depict how the lives and fates of Ukrainian people are destroyed by the various aspects of the war. 
In our film we strive to provide an accurate unfiltered insight on the full spectrum of effects caused by the war.

On the night of February 23-24, the Russian army crossed the borders of Ukraine and launched a full-scale invasion. 
Seeing the suffering of people, volunteers from all over the world went to Ukraine from neighbouring countries to provide all possible assistance to refugees. 
Many volunteers who are not members of official organizations began to evacuate people out of dangerous regions using their personal vehicles. 
Some of them left their usual life and work to help those who need it most now. 
From the first days of the war, civilian doctors and paramedics from different countries began to send medical missions to front-line cities to provide medical care to the local population. 
These missions continue their work to this day.

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