The Maiden Voyage – dir. Amalie Wigh Sandegaard

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Original Film Title: Jomfrurejsen

Director’s Name: Amalie Wigh Sandegaard

Writer’s Name: Amalie Wigh Sandegaard

Producer: Bitten Sandahl Kjærgaard

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Denmark

Language: Danish

Runtime: 6 minutes 9 seconds

Film Description:

Onboard the ferry to Samsø, the middleaged couple, Tina and Lars, are preparing to meet Tina’s parents together, for the very first time. But something is troubling Tina; she needs to tell Lars that he is her first boyfriend – ever. Time is ticking on the ferry and Tina must face one of her biggest insecurities whilst learning that sometimes your biggest obstacle is yourself.

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