THE CONJUGACY – dp. Alexander Kovalcuk – dir. Anastasia Kalinovskaya

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Original Film Title: СОПРЯЖЕНИЕ

Director of Photography: Alexander Kovalcuk

Director’s Name: Anastasia Kalinovskaya

Writer’s Name: Anastasia Kalinovskaya

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: Russian Federation

Language: Russian

Runtime: 30 minutes

Film Description:

Lonely 12-year-old Girl, thoughtfully walking along the railroad. She meets a handsome 18 year old Guy who seems to be lost in the woods. The Guy decides to join her and find out who she is and what she hides in her suitcase. The Girl tells him stories from her difficult life, full of sadness and fear. She opens to him the world of memories of her family, through fantastic images..
Each of the stories involves the Guy in its own original atmosphere, opening the doors to a child’s fantasy for him, which is able to transform familiar forms and events into metaphorical symbols.
But suddenly, the Girl runs away. Having caught up with her, the Guy finds out what could bind them…

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