Ave Gradiva – dir. Yuri Riklis

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Original Film Title: Ave Gradiva

Director’s Name: Yuri Riklis

Writer’s Name: Yuri Riklis

Producer: Bella Dora Cinecreations Riklis

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Runtime: 18 minutes

Film Description:

When a lonely man, a fashion photographer, meets the sweetheart of his youth, from whom he separated under the pressure of his Oedipal mother, he is attacked by fragments of past memories and does everything he can to realize the love of his life, doubt in the dream – doubt in reality, doubt in the present – doubt in the past, under the influence of a literary and surrealistic character Gradiva.

Ave Gradiva tries to challenge the conventional perception of a short film as something limited in terms of time, place, and plot, and instead – to create a 19 min’ show that embraces different countries and civilizations, lasts for thousands of years, and contains within it several kinds of LOVE – human phenomena which take place on the border between Dream and Reality.

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