SONJA – dir. Sanela Prašović – Gadžo

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Original Film Title: SONJA

Director’s Name: Sanela Prašović – Gadžo

Writer’s Name: Arijana Saračević – Helać

Producer: Nehrudin Gadžo

Country of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country of Filming: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Language: Bosnian

Runtime: 1 hour

Film Description:

In the documentary film “Sonja”, we witness the struggle of one man to survive in the camp. Prisoner Haris Hastor describes the days spent in captivity, torture, mistreatment, facing death, struggle, fear, powerlessness and finally escape. 
Haris Hastor will tell the story of the struggle for bare life, about hopes and fears, and about the life he lives today. 
During the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and the siege of Sarajevo, Serbian paramilitary forces as well as military formations of the RS Army committed numerous crimes against the civilian population. 
Haris Hastor was 21 years old when he was captured and taken to the Vogošća camp. The days of torture he spent in the camp still goes trough his mind. This is documentary about his survival. 
In the „Sonja“ and the „Bunker“ camp, many citizens of Vogošća were detained, women were raped and some were executed after being raped, and the detained men were tortured, mistreated, raped and many never got to experience freedom. 

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