Cry, My beloved Country – dir. Corrine Sandler

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Original Film Title: Cry, My beloved Country

Director’s Name: Corrine Sandler

Writer’s Name: Corrine Sandler

Producer: Corrine Sandler

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: South Africa

Language: English

Runtime: 1 hour 2 minutes

Film Description:

How South Africa went from a Cry for Freedom to CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY. An inconceivable story told in a feature length documentary about a South African Emigrant, Corrine who grew up in the Apartheid Regime in the 1970’s. Corrine returns to her birth country 30 years later with her Canadian children. Together they embark on an emotional journey back to her homeland. Their journey takes them into the heart of past and present-day conflicts in a country ravaged by corruption. 
Corrines quest to show her children her beloved country is shattered. She digs deep to reveal the truth behind the devastation of South Africa.

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