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Original Film Title: De Verpeegkundig Specialist

Director’s Name: Gwen Jansen

Producer: Impactainment Productions BV

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Dutch, English

Runtime: 40 minutes 54 seconds

Film Description:

Due to the illness of a family member, the Dutch independent documentary maker Gwen Jansen comes into contact with a type of healthcare professional who is completely unknown to her. It turns out to be a nurse practitioner who is active in healthcare as a coordinating practitioner with far-reaching powers. This function was introduced in the Netherlands more than 25 years ago by the then Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Els Borst. The goal at the time was to improve quality, cooperation and communication in healthcare and to retain more healthcare professionals. The nurse practitioner is at the intersection of the doctor and nurse.

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