The Carnival of Lastovo – dir. Bruno Režek

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Original Film Title: Lastovski Poklad

Director’s Name: Bruno Režek

Writer’s Name: Stela Jurić

Producer: Island of Lastovo Tourist Board

Country of Origin: Croatia

Country of Filming: Croatia

Language: Croatian

Runtime: 23 minutes 13 seconds

Film Description:

A short documentary chronicling the historical and current representation of one of the oldest carnival traditions in the world. For almost 5 and a half centuries the people of Lastovo, a small and remote island in the Adriatic Sea, have continued to maintain this custom that celebrates the unwavering human need for freedom, but also playfulness and spiritual purification. The preparations and customs leading up to and Fat Tuesday itself are viewed with a rare sense of historical respect, privilege to take part in and spiritual release before spring is ushered in. Fat Tuesday or Poklad is a day unlike others for Lastovo when life and play is experienced completely and it is treasured by all who have experienced it. 

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