Hell’s Gold – dir. Kathryn Christensen

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Original Film Title: 余痕

Director’s Name: Kathryn Christensen

Writer’s Name: Kathryn Christensen

Producer: Kathryn Christensen, Wyatt Debban, Hannah Pedersen

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 8 minutes 56 seconds

Film Description:

Two robbers attempt to hoodwink a religious, sharp-shooting cowboy who just found the largest gold nugget in the area. Playing on the cowboy’s religious dedication, the robbers decide to approach him as priests in hopes of convincing him to donate his gold to the church. A subtle comedy, “Hell’s Gold” uses humor and tense emotion to reveal the true intentions of the robbers. As the robbers realize they’ve been found, the two decide to turn on each other in hopes of making it out alive.

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