Mother Kingdom – dir. Aysha Alfalasi

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Original Film Title: Mother Kingdom

Director’s Name: Aysha Alfalasi

Writer’s Name: Aysha Alfalasi

Producer: Mitch Miller

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 15 minutes 39 seconds

Film Description:

Mother Kingdom (runtime: 15 mins 37 secs) is a psychological horror film about two serial killer siblings, Coco and Ben, that murder people and take their souls to their mother’s kingdom to build and protect it. Their bodies are then exploited by the siblings: Coco is an artist that uses human blood as a base layer on the masks she makes and Ben uses human flesh to feed himself, his sister and the people he sells the meat to through his online business, who think it’s animal meat. In the film, Coco invites her neighbour Naomi for dinner in her flat, a tactic she uses to corner her victims, terrorise and murder them. Naomi goes to dinner thinking she is going for a romantic dinner but is confronted with her fate … when she sees her corpse in a tub filled with blood and understands that she is going to die.

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