Free soul Dragons – dir. Cátia Alpedrinha, Tiago Patronilho

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Original Film Title: Free soul Dragons

Director’s Name: Cátia Alpedrinha, Tiago Patronilho

Writer’s Name: Cátia Alpedrinha

Producer: Teresa Baptista, Rúben Martins

Country of Origin: Portugal

Country of Filming: Portugal

Language: English

Runtime: 9 minutes 16 seconds

Film Description:

The greatest freedom is to be ourselves, but it is also the greatest responsibility to 
with us; the awareness that we don’t have a standard or group to follow.. 
“Free soul Dragons” is a narrative about the life of a mother and her five children. A “raw” family, as the mother, Maayan, describes it. 
An experience with individuality and union, creativity and freedom of expression, but above all, in which the main heritage is a no to perfection

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