The Tumuk Humak Expediton – dir. Freek de Goeje

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Original Film Title: De Toemoek Hoemak Expeditie

Director’s Name: Freek de Goeje

Writer’s Name: Freek de Goeje

Producer: Freek de Goeje

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Suriname

Runtime: 41 minutes 3 seconds

Film Description:

In 1907 the Tumuk Humak Expedition took place under the leadership of Claudius de Goeje (my grandfather’s uncle). The expedition was intended to map the rainforest of South Suriname. During the trip, Claudius made the first contacts with the Wayana, the indigenous people of Suriname. The Goeje Mountains were also named after him. One hundred years later, I’m trekking through the jungle, looking for the Wayana and to see what the consequences of this colonial expedition are. 
In an old archive I found an anthropological film by Claudius that he made in 1937 about the Wayana, a piece of history that belongs to them. I set out with beamer, screen and generator to show them the film in the middle of the jungle.

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