Untitled Days – dir. Eva Rini May Cragg

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Original Film Title: Untitled Days

Director’s Name: Eva Rini May Cragg

Writer’s Name: Eva Rini May Cragg

Producer: Eva Rini May Cragg

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: No Dialogue

Runtime: 8 minutes

Film Description:

A woman doesn’t quite want to come into frame. On the verge of invisibility she tiptoes towards herself.

A pigeon coos through drawn curtains as the silhouette of a woman wrapped in her sheets moves with slow breaths. The shadow of flapping wings interrupts a gap of light and someone scurries from frame to leave an empty bed behind. Beyond a cracked door a kettle steams while a figure exercises behind chiselled glass. Large canvases block the windows and she turns the pages of her book, but a fly interrupts.

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