The Mirror – dir. Mario Pons Múria

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Original Film Title: l’Espill

Director’s Name: Mario Pons Múria

Writer’s Name: Mario Pons Múria

Producer: Mario Pons Múria

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: France, Spain

Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes

Film Description:

Surrounded by the atmosphere of the children of Spanish republican emigration, Hilaire is part of the generation of young people in the working-class neighborhoods of Narbonne in the 1960 … to the cry of “Fucking Spanish”! Sixty years after leaving, Hilaire returns to his hometown to discover the Spain of Catalan political prisoners and exiles, an inner journey back to the Ebro Delta, to the repressive legacy of the postwar period, but also to his first great love of youth. 

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