After Betelgeuse – dir. Len Murusalu

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Original Film Title: l’Espill

Director’s Name: Len Murusalu

Writer’s Name: Len Murusalu

Producer: Len Murusalu, Tauno Novek

Country of Origin: Estonia

Country of Filming: Estonia, Latvia

Runtime: 19 minutes 36 seconds

Film Description:

A journey through the past and future myths of the dormant Livonian language.

World War II, mass deportations to Siberia and marginalisation during the Russian occupation caused the extinction of the language of the indigenous people of Livonia. Narrated in Livonian and inspired by a folk song and Finnic mythology, the story seeks hope in the perishing time and memories forgotten.

A split-screen or a 2-channel artists’ film, with English subtitles. The film is part of the expanded cinema project Time Quartet, produced by ChronoLens.

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