À pas chassés – dir. Régis Pinault, Valérie du Chéné

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Original Film Title: À pas chassés

Director’s Name: Régis Pinault, Valérie du Chéné

Writer’s Name: Régis Pinault, Valérie du Chéné

Producer: CNAP, Centre d’art contemporain Chapelle Saint Jacques, Région Occitanie

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: French

Runtime: 34 minutes

Film Description:

À pas chassés is inspired by the real-life story of philosopher Walter Benjamin. 
Set today in the small town of Port-Bou, the film uses a fictional narrative to evoke his crossing of the Franco-Spanish border. 
Transformed into a ghost, the main character enters the landscape. He sleeps, dreams, rambles, loses himself in his fantasies. To live out his emotions, he plays with color, light and the city. At the same time, two key characters, the Phantom’s lover and an erudite woman, set off in search of him. 

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