Splinter – dir. Grzegorz Molda

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Original Film Titlel: Zadra

Director’s Name: Grzegorz Molda

Writer’s Name: Monika Powalisz

Producer: Maciej Sowiński, Andrzej Papis

Country of Origin: Poland

Country of Filming: Poland

Language: Polish

Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes

Film Description:

Zadra (Splinter) is a talented girl from the housing estate, who is fighting for recognition on the rap scene. Although she seems like an ordinary teenager, in front of the microphone she gains incredible energy and charisma, thanks to which she can captivate crowds. But in an environment full of testosterone, it’s hard to find a place for people like her. Zadra fights for her dreams, but most of all for a better life for her family. Still, music isn’t everything, because Zadra’s choices will be greatly influenced by love.

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