Longing for the Soul; A Quest for Rumi – dir. Aryana Farshad

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Original Film Titlel: Longing for the Soul; A Quest for Rumi

Director’s Name: Aryana Farshad

Writer’s Name: Aryana Farshad

Producer: Aryana Farshad

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Afghanistan, Turkey, United States

Language: English, Persian

Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes

Film Description:

Longing for the Soul, A Quest for Rumi, a full-length documentary film, will take the viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the lands of ancient Persia, to modern days Afghanistan, Turkey and United States, to tell the story of a mystic man, Molana Jalal-El-Din Rumi, who’s message of love and peace has been passed on for centuries.

Rumi, departed from the world in 1273, late in the day of December 17. To his followers, this date is known as Sheb-Urs or the Wedding Night. At his funeral, people of all religions gather to celebrate his passing to the realm of god. Rumi reveals mysteries of the universe, in language of poetry and mysticism unfolding in the realm of science in the 21st Century?

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