This Is an Invitation – dir. jumatatu m. poe

Original Film Title: This Is an Invitation

Director’s Name: jumatatu m. poe

Producer: jumatatu m. poe, Jermone Donte Beacham

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Brazil, United States

Language: English, Portuguese

Runtime: 20 minutes 57 seconds

Film Description:

This Is an Invitation, a dance film from jumatatu m. poe and Jermone Donte Beacham, juggles between two choreographed duets, both filmed at dawn in outdoor locations in Mississippi (Jackson and Hazlehurst) and Bahia (Salvador and Itaparica), respectively. The two duets — Sebastião Abreu and Uostton Di Alcântara in Bahia, then jumatatu and Donte in Mississippi — are both performed and auto-documented by the respective pairs, each intentionally framing self and environment as a means to create the terms for being seen. Invitation is the latest project in jumatatu and Donte’s decade-spanning Let ‘im Move You series of performance and visual projects. Since 2009, jumatatu and Donte — with an extensive squad of collaborators — have centered their explorations of J-Sette movement and culture to explore recurring themes of intimacy, spectacle, belonging, organization, tenderness, and happiness. These performance and visual projects source J-Sette’s legacy of formatting call-and-response choreographies, social hierarchies, sensual and spectacular movement choreographies, and ornate rhythmic structures in order to activate playful and complex images of Black femininity and queer affection.

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