As Organism (Episode 1/Knowledge is Good) – dir. Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor

Original Film Title: As Organism (Episode 1/ BrainDagger Films Presents: Knowledge is Good)

Director’s Name: Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor

Writer’s Name: Moe Taylor

Producer: Moe Taylor, Ekta Ratnakar (Lead Animator)

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 29 minutes 20 seconds

Film Description:

Join Rachel Sellers and Alan Watts for a journey in scale from the subatomic world to the edge of the cosmos as they open your eyes to the possibilities of the universe as a single organism.

With this understanding of the world around us we can learn to comprehend our perceived enemies point of view and hopefully treat our fellow man a little better. There isn’t much hope for society and civilization as we know it if we cant get along. We are in the midst of a global societal collapse and it is important to show films like this so we can possibly slow it down and maybe even stop it before its too late. STOP HATING PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MEET THEM. Please?

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