A Strange Wine Pot – dir. Rui Wang

Original Film Title: A Strange Wine Pot

Director’s Name: Rui Wang

Writer’s Name: Rui Wang

Producer: Shuang Wu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 23 minutes 19 seconds

Film Description:

In others’ eyes, Zhang Xiaoqiang is a very ordinary person. He has no skills or bosom friends, and the girl he likes never notices him. One day, lamenting his meaningless life, he ran into a mysterious fortune-teller. Through the old man, Zhang Xiaoqiang learned that he would die decades later. In other words, no matter how hard he tried to seek death, he would not die. So he became bold and confident. What he dared not to do before became much easier. Just when he thought he would change his life and peak, he died unexpectedly of a mild cold. Later, in a conversation with the Grim Reaper, Zhang Xiaoqiang found out that the date of death he saw from the old man turned out to be an unexpected 

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