Timeless – dir. Meng Ju

Original Film Title: Timeless

Director’s Name: Meng Ju

Writer’s Name: Meng Ju

Producer: Chunhong Liu, Aihui Dong

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 8 minutes

Film Description:

In the gallery, old Song Yi enters the parallel space-time by inputting the coordinates of -1/12. After entering the poetic white building, Song Yi changes into the appearance of his youth, and meets the warmhearted and lively girl Lina.
During that long night, Lina told Song Yi about her strange dream, and about the hopeful meaning indicated by Euler’s formula that totals -1/12. Gradually, the two lover’s hearts light up like lanterns arranged in the gallery. Unfortunately, the night is long and the dream is short. As Lina and Song Yi become more intimate, an invisible wall appears and separates them.
Upon departure, beautiful memories of Song Yi and Lina flash in the crevices of space and time. We realize that Lina Song Yi’s wife who has passed away. For the several years after she died, Song Yi has travelled through the parallel universe in search of her till the last moments of his life. Unswervingly, he has engraved his love in time.

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