Emergency Musical Response – dir. Cosmo Swevens

Original Film Title: Emergency Musical Response

Director’s Name: Cosmo Swevens

Writer’s Name: Cosmo Swevens, Sol Solaris

Producer: Cosmo Swevens, Alexander John Anthony Senicki

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Runtime: 43 minutes 55 seconds

Film Description:

LOGLINE: Emergency Musical Response Team 421 responds to distress calls using music as a healing therapy (EMR Part 1). What is initially perceived as a routine service call devolves into an existential challenge where the very fate of pop music hangs in the balance (EMR Part 2).
SYNOPSIS: Emergency Musical Responders, Sage and her partner Cosmo, provide emergency music as a service to those in need of music as medicine. Ride with EMR Unit 421 as they help people in distress on their journey to Netherworld.

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