Baptism – dir. Taso Papadakis

Original Film Title: Baptism

Director’s Name: Taso Papadakis

Producer: Taso Papadakis

Country of Filming: United States

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 2 minutes 11 seconds

Film Description:

This tenant presented itself during the pandemic and as such, I realized this to be my biggest lesson of our collective unprecedented disruption.
Life is inevitable change,
…a constant ebb and flow of vastly moving energy and circumstances that are relentlessly affecting us.
Consciously or unconsciously, as spiritual beings, it’s our decision to flow (love) or let it block us all together (fear.)
The magic is in the transitions.
You always have a choice.
Will you collapse, fold and wither when presented with a certain obstacle or root, grow and blossom?
I have faith and trust in a Spirit who asks us to take a closer look at the obstacles of our lives; to find the life lessons in them. What am I supposed to learn in this moment?
When you pause and say ‘thank you’ for the obstacles, you inherently acknowledge
the opportunity to learn, and flow continues (more love).
It’s a shift in perception that can bring miracles in the form of infinite possibilities and rewards greater than we could ever imagine.
Both pain and joy are essential to the cyclical beauty of our existence.
Spirit asks us to surrender and trust. To cleanse and release the old parts of ourselves that are not serving us anymore, to honor all the emotions from rage to joy that move through us and to welcome the rebirth to our most authentic selves and the miracles that await us.
Blessed for the collaboration with the brilliant photographer & film maker Taso Papadakis @sanpedrosnaps @tasopapadakis
With the piece ‘Baptism’ :
as I moved in front of the lens to become the solitary subject, as he, so graciously was the conduit of this Divine process and a steady rock of presence in a moment of immense vulnerability for me. In gratitude to my friend and respected colleague.”

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