Via Dream – dir. Frances Feng, Vincent Liu

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Original Film Title: Via Dream

Director’s Name: Frances Feng, Vincent Liu

Writer’s Name: Frances Feng

Producer: Vincent Liu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 21 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

The short film Via Dream focuses on the common experience of a mother of two children, Wen Nanke, on the day she gives birth, to dramatize the challenges and dilemmas encountered by a woman in the workplace and in life when she is pregnant with a second child. In her pregnancy with a second child, Wen Nanke is afraid of losing her job and being neglected by her family. The sensitivity of pregnancy turns her psychologically fragile, leading to one after another misunderstanding in her life and workplace. When she faces the exhausting vomiting daily life of pregnancy, her husband’s thoughtless mistake is a shirking of responsibility in her eyes. Facing a colleague kind enough to help her with her work, she fears that the other person plots to take over her career. However, when the accidental birth happens, she wakes up as if from a dream. When her birth is over, the truth of the past is revealed to be that her child does not disturb her rest for understanding her difficult moments, thus creating the illusion of getting separated more often than being together. Everyone around Wen Nanke is caring and supporting her in their own way.

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