Moving through waiting rooms – dir. Sarah Choo Jing

Original Film Title: Moving through waiting rooms

Director’s Name: Sarah Choo Jing

Producer: Mathias Choo Rui Zhi

Country of Origin: Singapore

Runtime: 6 minutes

Film Description:

‘The dance is an art in space and time.
The object of the dance is to obliterate that.’ – Cunningham

Choo first began seeing dance as a visible action in life during Circuit Breaker in Singapore when she noticed people engaging in their ordinary daily routines in private, intimate spaces: movement is a dance, and the window the stage unveiling a performance.

In moving through waiting rooms, the distance is removed as we follow a young man in a metaphorical cycle of life through interpretive dance, a form of contemporary dance wherein the dancer improvises and reacts to his environment: a void deck acting as a mystical passageway taking him in a journey across time where he encounters his boyhood self and his future. As with life, dance in a larger concept is abstract.

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