MANEATER – dir. Missy Jubilee

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Original Film Title: MANEATER

Director’s Name: Missy Jubilee

Writer’s Name: Missy Jubilee

Producer: Missy Jubilee

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

Film Description:

A full length documentary by Missy Jubilee on the deceptive lives and violent times of Treva and Billy Ray Throneberry.

When sacred femininity is used by a corrupted mind In search of corrosive power for the purpose of criminal gain, It gets under the guard of empty men, and they fall into a hole
In the universe – leading to their impregnation of a void

This waste of semen is one of biology’s cruelest ironies

Like throwing a sausage down an empty hallway

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