Little Warrior – dir. Duman Birleskhan

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Original Film Title: 《收获月影的季节》

Director’s Name: Duman Birleskhan

Writer’s Name: Duman Birleskhan

Producer: Wei Li

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Kazakh

Runtime: 28 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description:

Kazakh has an old tradition that every Kazakh boy over the age of five has to take circumcision in autumn, which is one of those big moments for every Kazakh man.
This traditional ceremony has a symbolic meaning that a boy is about to become a man.
The story takes place in northern Xinjiang in early 2000. It is about a young Kazakh boy who missed the age of circumcision then came to his grandfather’s house in the grassland of pastoral areas with his family and went through the traditional circumcision ceremony. During the process, he gradually became afraid after discovering it is a medical surgery in fact, so he ran away and hid, However, had the circumcision in the end.
With the physiological changes, his character and thoughts have been changed in a sudden, then he is on his new path to adulthood now…

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