Dwinelle Film – dir. Miryam Sas

Original Film Title: Film di Dwinelle

Director’s Name: Miryam Sas

Runtime: 6 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description:

A Covid Era Structural Happening film by Miryam Sas

Because of Covid, we had to open the secret windows of Dwinelle 142 (UC Berkeley, USA) to keep our students safe. I was teaching Film 135, Experimental Film and Media, and trying to explain to students the concept of “Happenings” as well as the idea of the “Structural Film.” Opening the windows and setting a timer for one minute yielded an unexpected spectacle, the natural event which we could call “Dwinelle Film.” This film is an extension across time and a recorded variant on that original one minute experiment.

This film takes that series of windows through a full day across three separate (not always synchronized) frames, ending with the eerie vision of a fragment of Agnès Varda’s “La Pointe Courte” reflected on the Dwinelle Windows at dusk and by night, as it did during each of my live screenings during that course.

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