Original Film Title: DISAPPEARED GIRL

Director’s Name: Bai Liu

Writer’s Name: Bai Liu

Producer: Lin Xing

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 13 minutes 56 seconds

Film Description:

A year ago, Professor Li, who was nearly 50, quit his job and lived in Taohua village. He went for a walk along the river everyday apart from staying in his house. He never drank water from the village and ordered a large amount of mineral water from the store every week, so he was familiar with the store owner Chen Wu. He was very concerned about Chen Wu’s health and often advised Chen Wu to drink more water instead of coke. Chen Wu’s health condition was getting worse and worse, and people died intermittently in the village. Under the depressing atmosphere, the one person who could bring happiness to the villagers was a silly woman. No one knew who the silly woman was and where she came from. People only knew that she had a brain problem and had followed Chen Wu to the village….

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