The Anticipation of Rain – dir. Naima Karim

Original Film Title: The Anticipation of Rain

Director’s Name: Naima Karim

Writer’s Name: Naima Karim

Producer: Mitch Turnbull, Gaëlle Mourre

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Language: English

Runtime: 7 minutes

Film Description:

The Anticipation of Rain is fine artist Naima Karim’s personal reflection on creative inspiration and plea for global collaboration in a time of climate change.

The Anticipation of rain creator, Naima’s artwork celebrates the changing beauty of skies, but in particular the dynamic nature of skies, the arrival of the monsoon, and its significance to her homeland, Bangladesh. Her fascination with the power and beauty of the natural world was born from a time in her life when she was left temporarily paralysed by a virus. Unable to move for over a year, she spent her time studying and staring at the sky in awe and wonder as it morphed in colour and form above her.

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