FAGGOTS – dir. Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki, Patrycja Planik

Original Film Title: FAGGOTS

Director’s Name: Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki, Patrycja Planik

Writer’s Name: Pawel Bednarek

Producer: Slawek Bendrat

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: German, Polish

Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes

Film Description:

The mysterious virus ‘Exit 884’ has decimated the human population and, for reasons unknown to science, has spared the lives of homosexual men only. Earth’s last surviving woman, Maria Magdalena Wysocka, commonly known as Pink Mama, activist of the Rainbow Over Nations movement and acclaimed LGBT warrior, has passed away. Her death marks the beginning of a new era: The Era of Faggots. The farewell party at the former gay club ‘Malibu’, is orchestrated by Erna, who used to clean Her Ladyship Pink Mama’s house. From dusk till dawn, Pink Mama’s friends celebrate and honor her life at a table laid out with vodka, herring, pickles, and russian salad. However, there is a deadly secret hidden behind all the mourning, a secret, that they would rather forget. The nightmare returns.

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