Cape to Cape – dir. Pasi Sauna-aho, Pål Laukli

Original Film Title: Cape to Cape

Director’s Name: Pasi Sauna-aho

Writer’s Name: Pasi Sauna-aho

Producer: Pasi Sauna-aho

Country of Origin: Finland

Language: English

Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes 50 seconds

Film Description:

A thrilling documentary of a record breaking adventure. Adventurer Jonas Deichmann, multiple ultracycling world record holder, teams up with ultra cyclist and photographer Philipp Hympendahl. When they set off, the current record for the Cape to Cape challenge stands at 102 days. This 18,000 km long bicycle ride is self-supported, so they have to pack light and stay on the move. Jonas and Philipp want to crush the record by more than 30 days. This means riding 250 km every day, no rest days allowed.