Brothers – dir. Pete Schilling

Original Film Title: Brothers

Director’s Name: Pete Schilling

Writer’s Name: Pete Schilling

Producer: Pete Schilling, Jeannine Thalmann, Matt Pittman, Tim Ohly

Country of Origin: Germany

Language: English

Runtime: 16 minutes 20 seconds

Film Description:

While two brothers are on a journey towards a mountain lake, they meet a stranger who helps them rediscover their desire to live.

NOAH HUNT, and his brother TOM, are hiking through the mountains. Their destination is a breathtaking mountain lake. Noah is not a fan of hiking and overall not really thrilled to be on this journey with his brother.
On the next day, they get up early to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, they are surprised by rain and manage to find shelter in a cave. Tom starts making a small fire. Noah takes off his wet coat and reveals bandages on his wrists, he keeps on complaining about the trip. Tom loses it and asks his brother why he had to do this to himself? Noah finally opens up. We learn that he tried to kill himself just before they left and that this is the reason they are on this journey. Tom is trying to save him, he doesn’t want to leave his brother’s site because he is scared, that he’ll do it again.

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