Are you feel better – dir. Agree Ye

Original Film Title: 好些了吗

Director’s Name: Agree Ye

Writer’s Name: Agree Ye

Producer: Alice Zhang, Fangchen SI

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 12 minutes

Film Description:

In times of war, in times of peace, there is always life to be taken care of.
An assistant doctor who has just returned from his studies dares to face doubts and deal with them calmly at critical moments, thus saving a war hero; A doctor who has returned from his studies chooses to face death with the patient in the face of his wife who is about to have a child in a special period, but gives hope for a new life; In the face of the epidemic situation, the couple consider more who should be the pioneer first and who should face the epidemic situation first.

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