Watchmen Of The Gibbon – dir. Yile Zhang

Original Film Title: 聆山·猿起

Director’s Name: Yile Zhang

Producer: 乐 逸 张, 靓 曦 刘, 奥 张, 芳 吉 李, 茜 罗, 玖坤 杜 鄢, 寅 兴 段, 赟 侯,

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese, Malay

Runtime: 14 minutes

Film Description:

The western black crested gibbon is endemic to northern Vietnam and southern China. It is a first-class national protected animal and is listed by IUCN as a Critically Endangered species. They are mostly distributed in Wuliangshan Ailaoshan National Nature Reserve of Yunnan province. There are only 89 groups of about 500 western black crested gibbons left in Yunnan all over the world. They are always on highly alert, active at dawn and dusk, climbing freely and not easy to follow.

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