JAKOB & MARIA – dir. Christian Schiesser

Original Film Title: JAKOB & MARIA

Director’s Name: Christian Schiesser

Writer’s Name: Christian Schiesser

Producer: Christian Schiesser, Gabriele Gruber

Country of Origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Austria

Language: German

Runtime: 17 minutes 25 seconds

Film Description:

Jakob & Maria is a film by Christian Schiesser, partly shot on Super-8 analog film. The film is meant to animate people to think big, to dream big, to have big visions – but also to realize them.
We follow the story of Jakob, a perpetual student, who wanders dreamily through life until one day, with the help of his Super-8 camera, he gets a different view of the world. In a museum, a mysterious woman suddenly speaks to him while he is filming with his Super-8 camera… Who is this woman? Jakob sets out to find her. Her message won’t let Jacob go….” Think big, dream big…

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